4 Ways to Support Cannabis Advocacy this 4/20

This 4/20, we’re taking the opportunity to reflect and offer multiple avenues for you to take real action for cannabis reform. To grow cannabis advocacy year-round, let’s learn more about the work the Last Prisoner Project is doing and the actionable opportunities we all can take part in!  What is the Last Prisoner Project?  The […]

Lucrative Strategies for Employee Onboarding: Cannabis Retail Edition

According to Forbes, it takes, on average, $1400 to onboard new employees. Pair that with cannabis research firm Headset.io’s 2022 statistic of budtender turnover reaching 55% in just a year, and you can see how it pays to properly onboard your employees (and treat them right for long-term success!).  One tool industry retail and brand […]

Why Hiring from the Cannabis Industry Is Smart Business

Discover the Strategic Advantages of Tapping into Cannabis Industry Talent Across Diverse Sectors Summary:   In this blog post, we explore the advantages of cannabis industry hiring from an employer’s perspective. Professionals in the cannabis field bring valuable expertise in navigating complex regulations, specialized knowledge in plant science, competitive marketing skills, a focus on sustainability and […]

Will & Skill Webinar with SparkPlug | Effective Strategies for Motivating the Cannabis Industry

Seed Talent CEO Kurt Kaufmann and SparkPlug COO Jake Levin Discuss Motivating the Cannabis Industry Workforce to Upskill and Grow their Careers Summary:   When considering what motivates salespeople and employees, two critical components stand out: will and skill. The effectiveness of a team often hinges on whether its members possess the skills and knowledge required […]