Cannabis Equity and Diversity

At Seed Talent, our commitment to equality in the space is unwavering. 

We’ve designed an easily accessible education platform tailored for the next generation of leaders in the cannabis industry. Recognizing the longstanding adverse impacts of the war on drugs on certain communities, we’re taking proactive steps to ensure they find their rightful place in this booming market. 

Our aim goes beyond just education. 

We serve as a bridge, effectively connecting hiring employers with a reservoir of historically underutilized yet incredibly valuable talent. As we champion the cause of cannabis equity, we’re raising the bar. We’re not just fostering professional growth for future leaders in cannabis, but also emphasizing our dedication to equality by assisting those individuals and communities seeking restitution in the flourishing cannabis space.

Proud Supporters of Cannabis Equity and Diversity Organizations

Every 25 Seconds.

An American is incarcerated for drug possession every 25 seconds. This has resulted in triple the number of adults incarcerated for drug possession since 1980.

20% of Population.

One-fifth of the incarcerated population is serving time for a non-violent drug offense. Another 1.15M individuals are on probation or parole for drug-related offenses.


In 2020, a person of color is 264% more likely to be arrested for a cannabis-related “offense” than a white individual even with statistically similar cannabis usage habits across all demographics.

Join the fight for cannabis equity and diversity!

Whether you are a professional within the cannabis space or a business seeking diverse talent, Seed Talent can guide you in the right direction.