Send & Track Brand Training to Budtenders

Seed Talent lets you distribute and measure your brand training efforts against budtender engagement KPIs.

Online Budtender Training Courses For Brands Internal Team

Trusted by Managers at Top Brands Nationwide

Are you struggling to engage and connect with budtenders?

Effective product training takes valuable time to create.

Visiting one store multiple times to train new hires is highly inefficient. 

There’s no standard way to track which stores are best representing your brand.

You’re not alone!

Industry retailer leaders (and your competition) are implementing online budtender brand training programs to optimize efficiency and grow sales.

Create Engaging Brand Trainings

No more endlessly tracking versions of Word docs and PowerPoints; Seed Talent helps you create, organize, and distribute engaging budtender brand trainings (that they actually want to take!) with an intuitive online platform.

Seed Talent Personalized Budtender Training Platform For Brands
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Online Brand Training for Dispensaries

Stop wasting time and money on repeatedly visiting retail stores to train budtenders. The Online Course Library gets your brand training in front of budtenders at all the store locations that carry your brand, and even those that dont yet!

Track & Analyze Budtender Engagement

Why waste samples in stores with low engagement? With Seed Talent’s Completion Reports and Surveys you can track which stores engage most with your brand for data driven decisions.

Seed Talent's Comprehensive Completion Reports and Surveys for Budtender Training
Budtender Training Completion Reports Analytics
Budtender Training Completion Reports Analytics

Analyze Training Insights for Incentivization

Analyze your brand’s Completions Reports to know who could use incentivizing (swag alert!) while ensuring your products get on the shelves of your best sellers.

Cannabis Brand Training Courses For Budtenders

Make It Simple For Budtenders To Sell Your Brand

Improve brand training engagement.

Deliver engaging courses instantly. 

Grow sales with your highly educated retailers.

Here’s why customers across the nation trust Seed Talent

Casey Klein - Education & Customer Satisfaction Manager
“Seed Talent will walk along side you to ensure the needs of your dispensary or brand are met quickly with exceptional quality. They are truly a one stop shop for educating your employees and delivering your brands content directly to budtenders. Not only do I leave every meeting feeling like the necessary work is being accomplished, but I am smiling and laughing at the enjoyment each member of the Seed Talent team brings. I cannot thank you all enough for constantly setting a standard of positivity, innovation, and the exceptional quality of work seed talent provides.”

Paul Bennett - Senior Director of Training & Development
“Seed Talent makes it easy for all to access reporting and their chat function is extremely responsive. Since using Seed Talent, we have one platform as our source of truth for cannabis knowledge, our RVT needs, and our SOPs – ultimately organizing our employee training records and attestations in one place. Additionally, they provide content for us in every state we operate in. I recommend this platform for their ease of use, hours of content available for many states, and course creation!”

David Cooper - Sr. Manager, National Retail Training
“Seed Talent’s team is quick, kind, and knowledgeable – plus the coursework is diverse and valuable. I recommend this platform because they have all the necessary product knowledge to be genuinely competitive and culturally aware in one easy-to-use place!”

Cresco Labs / Sunnyside
Brianna Draksler - Director of Retail Experience
“Seed Talent’s ease of use and employee engagement are great compared to other LMS / LXP options on the market! Our account rep Connor is AMAZING. He’s very helpful and always provides prompt responses.”

Ivy Hall, IL