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The Seed Talent Platform is your ultimate destination for Cannabis Brand Training for skilled professionals. Crafted meticulously by seasoned cannabis professionals, our platform is an all-encompassing hub for training, marketing, sales, operations, research, and more.

Our primary goal is to set you up for success in the cannabis sector. We’re not just about training; we’re about crafting brands. Dive deep into our resources to understand where you stand among peers in the cannabis world. Evaluate and amplify your achievements like never before.

By joining the Seed Talent Platform, you don’t just get a profile; you get a legacy. 

Document every milestone of your cannabis career journey in a dedicated space that’s FREE FOR LIFE. But that’s not all. Gain unmatched access to in-depth training, insightful 3rd party assessments, and tools designed to gauge and enhance your professional skills. For those hungry for more, we offer specialized training modules from reputed education companies, available for purchase.

Don’t let your achievements go unnoticed. As you shape your personal cannabis brand, seamlessly upload qualifications and certifications from any academic or training institute. We recognize the importance of validation; that’s why we have provisions for 3rd party verification of all your accomplishments.

is Professional Spotlight - Illinois - Jaime Antolec
Budtender Spotlight - Jaime Antolec
Cannabis Professional Spotlight - Illinois - Violetta Soria
Budtender Spotlight - Violetta Soria

Professional Learning Management

Boost your expertise with cannabis brand training for skilled professionals. Achieve a competitive edge and monitor your career growth at every milestone. Our platform offers distinct learning and career progression paths for both novice and seasoned cannabis professionals.

Cannabis Skills Assessment

Boost your career with our online training assessments for current and aspiring cannabis professionals. Ensure your skills are recognized and elevate your career potential. Our assessments, peer-reviewed by industry veterans, are endorsed by leading cannabis employers. Let us position you for unparalleled success within the cannabis industry, helping you secure your dream job.

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Whether you’re an experienced professional or taking your first steps, you can get started today!