From Passion and Grit to Success – Seed Talent’s Inspirational Journey in Training and Employee Enablement

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An Interview with Cannabis Lab at the 2023 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami

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Recorded Live at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami, FL. In this episode, Cannabis LAB sits down with Kurt Kaufman, Co-Founder & CEO of Seed Talent, to discuss how he cut his teeth developing educational content for new hires at GTI. He shares with us what went into his decision to leave an industry blue chip and venture out on his own as an entrepreneur.

In an industry as rapidly evolving as cannabis, success hinges on passion, education, and a willingness to adapt. Kurt’s journey guides us to the essence of Seed Talent’s mission, reinforcing the importance of grit and drive in finding success.

Empowering the Cannabis Workforce Through Training and Employee Enablement

Seed Talent rises as a significant player, offering an employee enablement platform that supports 1,500+ dispensaries across 24 states. But what exactly is employee enablement, and why is it especially important in cannabis?

According to a recent LinkedIn report, 83% of organizations want to build a more people-centric culture. Many, however, are up against a steep learning curve in upskilling employees, making it even more critical to select an effective L&D partner. 

Seed Talent is designed to empower cannabis leaders with a trusted LMS that helps professionals (budtenders) maximize their on-the-job performance and increase job satisfaction. By aggregating all the necessary content for professional growth in one centralized hub, Seed Talent uses operational data, such as point of sale and production data, to identify employees who may need additional support. The system then automates the delivery of upskilling content tailored to help these employees grow within their roles.

In essence, Seed Talent is a training platform that ensures cannabis employees are well-equipped to not only succeed but excel in their jobs. As Kurt points out, passionate individuals are drawn to this industry because of personal experiences, mission-driven service goals, or that undeniable love for cannabis’ healing properties and communal nature. However, we’ve found that many cannabis aficionados only know their version of cannabis knowledge and may lack the necessary training for success at retail. Seed Talent fills that gap, allowing these passionate individuals to focus on their strengths and soft skills while providing the training they need.

Onboarding: The Driving Force Behind Effective Employee Enablement and Training

Many job-seekers are drawn to this space because of their love for the plant and their belief in its potential to improve lives. Kurt Kaufman is no exception. His journey into the cannabis industry was fueled by his passion for cannabis and a desire to make a meaningful impact across the entirety of the sector.

Kurt’s entry into the industry came through his role at Green Thumb Industries (GTI), a prominent player and multi-state operator (or MSO). He had a secure job with GTI, but during the COVID pandemic, his passion for cannabis and the belief that the industry had untapped potential led him to take a leap of faith and start Seed Talent.

He emphasized that life is short, and we only get one shot at it. Understanding this, he felt compelled to contribute to the cannabis industry in a more significant way, shaping it into an industry that he could be proud of. For him, the decision to venture into entrepreneurship in the volatile cannabis sector was driven by a deep-seated desire to affect positive, lasting change.

As the industry continues to evolve, individuals like Kurt serve as examples of what can be achieved through dedication and a belief in the potential of cannabis to improve lives. Whether you’re an industry newcomer or a seasoned professional, the key is to find your passion, leverage your strengths, and contribute to creating daily work that you can be proud of.

Seed Talent stands as a beacon in the mission to bridge startling educational gaps in the cannabis space and empower cannabis businesses with a robust platform to reach their goals. 

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Table of Contents

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