Seed Talent Communities are the focal point of the Seed Talent Platform. Communities are groups of people and businesses that work collectively to promote Professional Development in the cannabis industry. They are a new way to connect that organically bring together information seekers with information providers with the express intent of helping you achieve success in the cannabis industry.

All members who join the Seed Talent Platform will have access to the Seed Talent Community and access to free training and tools for life. Premium content will be available for purchase from curated 3rd party content providers and distributed through the Seed Talent Communities.

Join a Community

Are you a current or aspiring cannabis professional looking to join one or more professional cannabis communities?  We can help you gain access to industry-leading training, career progression tracking tools, and more through the Seed Talent Platform!

Create a Community

Are you a business looking to share your unique services or products with the cannabis industry at large?  Are you a cannabis employer looking to elevate your employees’ knowledge?  Creating a community is the first step to achieving your goals!