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For Businesses (Internal Employee Enablement)

Uplift & Upskill Your Cannabis Workforce.

Unlock the potential of your cannabis enterprise with strategic onboarding and development tailored for large-scale operations.

Leverage the transformative power of data-driven assessment tools through our specialized training programs. These tools are designed to not only evaluate your current budtender performance but also to provide opportunities for up-skilling

For Businesses and Brands (External Partner Enablement)

Engage Budtenders, Automate Training & Drive Brand Advocacy.

Engage directly with knowledgeable budtenders to elevate your cannabis brand’s visibility and credibility. Through our innovative training programs, not only do we drive sales, but we also offer insightful metrics to measure tangible results.

Trust Seed Talent to bridge the gap between your brand and the influential budtender community.

For Professionals

Train Online and Own Your Future in Cannabis.

Cannabis success thrives on shared knowledge. Dive into our comprehensive online cannabis training, tailored for everyone from beginners to seasoned budtenders.

Explore courses from top cannabis brands and influential industry leaders. At Seed Talent, we prioritize empowering cannabis professionals with the latest training resources, ensuring everyone excels in representing their brand to the fullest.


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