Lucrative Strategies for Employee Onboarding: Cannabis Retail Edition

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According to Forbes, it takes, on average, $1400 to onboard new employees. Pair that with cannabis research firm’s 2022 statistic of budtender turnover reaching 55% in just a year, and you can see how it pays to properly onboard your employees (and treat them right for long-term success!). 

One tool industry retail and brand leaders are using alike to engage and educate budtenders to be the best in their roles is Seed Talent. So, how can a simple, yet robust, employee enablement program help you increase profits and improve your efforts with data-driven learning? 

Here, we’ve got two content pieces that’ll uncover the secret sauce of retail management best practices from the platforms that are bolstering the systems of your competition.

Tune In: Lucrative Strategies for Cannabis Retail Training, Onboarding, and Hiring

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Kurt Kaufmann, co-founder and CEO of Seed Talent and Krista Raymer, founder of Vetrina Group, about the key challenges that retail professionals face today in the cannabis industry. 

Even more, you’ll walk away with actionable insights that’ll help enhance your team’s performance!

In the full conversation, Kaufmann and Raymer discuss the top strategies that successful retail managers are using, which are well-supported by Seed Talent’s cutting-edge training technology. Touching upon topics like: 

  • Effective Onboarding Best Practices: Learn proven strategies to streamline your onboarding process, ensuring new hires are set up for success from day one. Discover techniques to create a welcoming and compliant environment. 
  • Ideal Implementation Methods: Explore innovative methods to sustain and evolve your training programs, including the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of cannabis retail education. 
  • How to Measure Training Success: Understand how to gauge the effectiveness of your training and onboarding initiatives. Gain insights into performance metrics and key indicators that contribute to a highly functioning and engaged team.


With the these tools, you’ll have all that you need to create uncharted momentum in your orientation and development processes. 

Tune into this lively and informative conversation here before getting started with your own 90-day cannabis training onboarding plan, which we’ll cover more in-depth next.  

Get Started: 90-Day Cannabis Training Onboarding Plan 

Every successful business demands a hiring and onboarding strategy that aligns with its company culture. After listening to Seed Talent’s webinar on “Lucrative Strategies for Cannabis Retail Training, Onboarding, and Hiring,” you’ll have the motivation to begin crafting your own!

Vetrina Group and Seed Talent put together the ultimate 90-Day Cannabis Training Onboarding Plan for you to “copy and paste” into your operation. 

The guide contains all the foundational principles to support your retail development needs, curated from Seed Talent and Vetrina’s experiences with numerous retailers across the US. You’ll get a day-to-day plan in three phases that covers required (compliance) and recommended (competitive advantage) onboarding tasks for optimal success. 

  • Phase One (Days 0-7): Initial onboarding support that encompasses state-required trainings, general education on the plant, company onboarding, and more.  
  • Phase Two (Days 7-45): Skill-building and product knowledge continue with onboarding support that covers increasing orders, customer services, brand focusing, and more. 
  • Phase Three (Post – 45 Days): Continuous education strategies that help you maintain a competitive edge and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

When budtenders are the frontline of your retail operation and the direct connection to the consumer, don’t tackle training, the most crucial component of your direct marketing strategy, alone. 

Start with our proven 90-Day Cannabis Training Onboarding Plan and be sure budtenders are well-equipped to increase the success of your retail storefront or brand. 

Seed Talent: Train, Upskill & Measure Budtender Performance

Trusted by 1500+ dispensaries and brands, Seed Talent is the top learning management system (LMS) for cannabis retailers and brands. To harness the power of expert-crafted tools and insightful analytics to support the performance of your brand or retail space, get Seed Talent today. 

Start by scheduling your own one-on-one demo to see just how Seed Talent can work for you! 

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Table of Contents

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