Seed Talent's Journey in Cannabis Training

When we talk about dedication to enhancing educational opportunities in the dynamic world of cannabis, the story of Seed Talent takes center stage. Co-Founder & CEO Kurt Kaufmann, along with Co-Founder & Chairman Rona Borre, conceptualized and birthed Seed Talent. Their collective vision? To address and bridge the cannabis educational gaps they observed in burgeoning industries.

With a deep-rooted involvement in the hands-on aspects of the cannabis industry, Kurt Kaufmann not only comprehended its nuances but lived and breathed its essence. This immersive journey allowed him to keenly observe the far-reaching consequences of an insufficient educational framework. Evidences of this challenge were evident everywhere: from dissatisfactory customer interactions to a concerning rise in employee turnover, ultimately resulting in lackluster industry performance.

Drawing from her extensive 25-year experience navigating similar challenges within the technology sector, Rona recognized a resounding call to action. Determined and resolute, she was unwavering in her commitment to break the cycle of these patterns from taking hold once again.

The Solution: Create a Higher Industry Standard

In the shadow of the pandemic’s most challenging moments, Seed Talent was born. However, the team’s vision wasn’t to merely produce isolated courses. They envisioned a holistic platform that would aggregate and disseminate the best content sourced from a plethora of expert providers to bridge cannabis educational gaps. The result? A unified, intuitive ecosystem accessible to all.

A few dedicated years later, Seed Talent isn’t just a name; it’s a symbol of excellence.

Seed Talent stands as a beacon in the mission to bridge startling educational gaps in the cannabis space. Today, our hub proudly holds the title of the leading employee enablement platform. We make a strong impact with ties to over 1,400 dispensaries nationwide and strategic partnerships with hundreds of elite cannabis brands. In 2023, our registered learners completed over 400,000 courses!

How Seed Talent Bridges Educational Gaps in Cannabis

Discover how Seed Talent bridges educational gaps within the cannabis industry. Our approach is comprehensive and holistic at its core. This commitment drives all aspects of our training methodology. By strategically blending content aggregation, rigorous course development, and innovative Data-Driven Learning techniques, we guarantee a transformative educational experience.

Moreover, Our passion extends to enhancing employee-employer relationships and fostering growth within the cannabis industry. With a forward-thinking mindset, we’ve curated a cutting-edge platform that acts as a dynamic hub. This hub empowers individuals, brand partners, retailers, and industry professionals to seamlessly exchange valuable insights, participate in vibrant communities, and access real-time advancement opportunities.

In the realm of cannabis education, we shine as a beacon of excellence. Our dedication involves comprehensive training and progressive engagement. Join us on this journey to witness firsthand transformations. Together, we pave the way for a more informed and connected cannabis landscape.

Committed to education and community empowerment, Seed Talent is excited to  offer a comprehensive 6+ hours of foundational cannabis training, completely free. This is your invitation to join us in narrowing the cannabis educational gaps today, tomorrow and beyond.