Seed Talent x Abstrax Tech: Partners in Terpene Education & Cannabis Science

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As the top learning and performance management system in cannabis, Seed Talent is proud to partner with Abstrax Tech, the pioneering leader in the world of botanical flavor technology and terpene research. 

Want to find out how you can access the Abstrax community on Seed Talent with over 4+ hours of terpene education? Read on to learn about the partnership and Abstrax Terpene Academy curriculum available now!

Who is Seed Talent & Abstrax Tech?

Unfamiliar with Seed Talent and Abstrax Tech? Let’s get acclimated with the basics before learning more about this powerhouse partnership. Seed Talent is an all-in-one hub for retailers and brands to run engaging budtender training, upskill employees, track completions, and measure the sales impact of all of the above, adding value to and incentivizing front-line employees.

Abstrax Tech is an industry-leading supplier and researcher of cannabis terpenes. Their company conducts peer-reviewed scientific studies and performs the industry’s most detailed analytics (by far) to create the most trusted and flavorful terpene blends on the market.

Recently, Kurt Kaufmann, co-founder and CEO of Seed Talent, and Max Koby, founder and CEO of Abstrax Tech sat down to discuss “Decoding Product Science and Segmentation for Brands and Retailers”. Cannabis professionals gained an insider’s look into how educating staff can help boost sales for brands and retailers alike.

Tune into the conversation! Watch the Webinar Replay on Vimeo or LinkedIn to get educated on all the latest cannabis and terpene research and other topics, including – 

  • Product Formulation
  • Market Segmentation & Differentiation
  • Customer Experience

For more information on the courses available for retailers, keep reading as we learn about the courses available from the Seed Talent and Abstrax Tech partnership.

Seed Talent x Abstrax Tech Offer Premium Online Education

Across the US, the cannabis industry is flourishing with thousands of cannabis products. However, most of its consumers are naive to all the complexities of the cannabis plant, which produces these cannabis product’s effects. That means, it often comes down to the budtender or brand to educate the consumer on which product to buy. 

Of course, that requires the budtender or the brand’s team to truly understand the nuances of the plant and its compounds. This is where the Seed Talent x Abstrax Tech partnership comes into play. Seed Talent’s platform and Abstrax Tech’s extensive research and knowledge now seamlessly educate employees to make more educated sales. In turn, this can help to improve customer or brand loyalty. 

As of July 2024, there are two terpene and two basic cannabis education courses, that anyone can access within the Abstrax Tech public community on Seed Talent – 

  • Terpenes 101: Understanding the Basics of Aromatic Compounds
  • Beyond the Basics: Intermediate Terpene Chemistry and Applications
  • The Science of Exotic I: The Dawn of Flavorants
  • The Science of Exotic II: The Curious Case of Chem

Keep an eye out for these additional courses coming soon!

  • Mastering Terpene Science: Advanced Analysis and Expert Techniques (Coming Soon)
  • The Science of Exotic III: The Trio of Tropicanna (Coming Soon)
  • The Science of Exotic IV: Sweet (Coming Soon)
  • Five additional Cannabis Science Education courses (Coming Soon)

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Table of Contents

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