The Seed Talent Platform

Seed Talent is the cannabis industry’s leading cannabis budtender and brand training platform working to maximize outcomes by enabling employees and businesses to unlock their human potential! 

We work as an aggregator and disseminator of all forms of cannabis training content into one central hub.  We leverage a variety of data sets to ensure we deliver the right content to the right people and the right time for the ultimate results. 

Our platform accomplishes this mission by curating targeted professional development communities where cannabis professionals can upskill through training created by the top companies and professionals in the industry today.  

Then, we verify those new skill sets through industry-recognized skills assessments that let employers, customers, and investors better understand your level of competency within the cannabis industry.

Principles of Cannabis

At the heart of our commitment is a firm belief: universal access to foundational cannabis knowledge is key for the fair expansion of the cannabis industry. That’s why we offer our ‘Principles of Cannabis’ course bundle to all members of our brand training platform at no cost, forever. A quick glance at some of the courses we offer:

Introduction to Cannabis: 

  • Learn about the journey towards legalization, equity in the present day, and the intricate seed-to-sale cycle. Discover the wonders of cannabinoids, terpenes, and familiarize yourself with all product forms.
Cannabis Retail Basics: 
  • This course is essential for any aspiring cannabis budtender, shaped in partnership with cannabis industry experts. Explore best practices tailor-made for running a successful dispensary.

Cultivation and Facilities 101:

  • In collaboration with GroAdvisor, this all-encompassing guide focuses on mastering a top-notch cannabis cultivation facility. The course is useful for operations of all sizes and scales. 

Addressing Knowledge Gaps

We’re committed to contributing to normalized professional development by addressing these three major knowledge gaps:

Sharing Communal Knowledge: 

  • Cannabis professionals have traditionally acquired knowledge about the plant and its wellness benefits through peer-to-peer exchanges. As the industry evolves, our Brand Training platform focuses on leveraging these networks. We ensure budtenders have the best practices at their fingertips. We’re dedicated to promoting equity in the cannabis industry, providing comprehensive resources for everyone.

Recognizing Legacy Skillsets

  • Training platforms are essential in today’s market. As cannabis college degrees emerge, Seed Talent champions those with legacy skillsets. Whether you’re a cultivator, extractor, or even a street-level dealer, your expertise deserves recognition. Our platform values your experience, ensuring you thrive in the regulated space without costly certificates. Trust Seed Talent to verify and elevate your cannabis skills.

Improving Corporate Culture through Professional Development:  

  • Professional development is crucial today, especially in limited-license states. Our Brand Training platform empowers companies to recognize the true value in passionate and skilled individuals over big-money consultants. We advocate for closing wage gaps for women and people of color, ensuring a brighter future for all.