Cannabis Employers and Budtender Training

Revamp Your Approach to Employee Training 

Budtender training for cannabis employers is pivotal for maintaining compliance and ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Facing the challenge of disseminating this knowledge? Our tailored solution commences by accumulating training materials from top-tier providers in Federal and State compliance, cannabis basics, and product collaboration training. Furthermore, Seed integrates content tailored for your organization, delivering curated courses via a singular, centralized platform.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Comprehensive Training:

  1. Vast Array of Compliance Training: Covering both federal and state regulations (OSHA, RVT, Food Handlers, etc.).
  2. Cannabis Foundations Training: Dive into Intro to Cannabis, Cannabis Retail Basics, Cultivation Basics, and more with over 6 hours free.
  3. Partner/Product Training: Engage with materials from cannabis industry giants like Cresco, GTI, Wyld, Verano, 1906, KIVA, and many others.
  4. Tailored Corporate Training: Focus on SOPs, Onboarding, and Compliance. Join forces with our instructional design squad to enhance engagement and retention of your distinct content.

Maximize Employee Performance with Data-Driven Insights

One of the foremost challenges in budtender training for cannabis employers is ensuring targeted and timely content delivery. Seed Talent’s groundbreaking competency evaluations combined with our patent-pending Data-Driven Learning tackle this issue head-on.

For the first time, employers can assess cannabis professionals either before or during employment, gleaning insights into their proficiencies and growth areas. Use this categorical assessment analysis to devise personalized learning trajectories for each team member!

Already using a POS, Customer Review System, or Manufacturing Tracker?

Each platform gathers invaluable data about your workforce. Seed Talent’s unique Data-Driven Learning TM initiative utilizes this information to pinpoint areas of improvement. Subsequently, we autonomously provide them with supportive content, utilizing an efficient set-it-and-forget-it mechanism, ensuring tangible improvements!

Cannabis Budtender Training Management

Provide professionals with unmatched insights to empower their cannabis careers. With our budtender training platform, your employees will access a comprehensive catalog of industry-relevant and brand-specific topics, ensuring they effectively serve your customers and achieve growth within your organization.

Cannabis Budtender Competency Assessments

Target applicants possessing verified expertise in cannabis and give your staff defined career paths. Our budtender training competency assessments are crafted by industry professionals and endorsed by leading cannabis companies nationwide. We guarantee that your employees align with the most current industry standards. Plus, we offer company-specific updates to ensure your team is always prepared to deliver optimal value.

Data-Driven Learning for Employers

Focusing on each employee’s performance can be difficult with the myriad responsibilities that fall to site-level management. However, maximizing outcomes at the individual employee level is proven to be the most effective way to affect company goals. For the first time in professional development history, you can automatically identify employees in need of additional support through operational data, and automatically deliver employees the support they need.¬†

Additionally, Seed’s Patent-Pending software can measure the business result affected by these actions showing increases in sales, customer retention, throughput, and more!

Upskill & Empower Leading Budtenders

Seed Talent offers a full suite or individual al la carte services for any cannabis employer. Schedule a demo today to learn how Seed Talent can help you cultivate a thriving workforce.