Our Platform

Seed Talent is a collection of cannabis industry veterans and professional development experts on a mission to launch, build, and advance careers for cannabis industry professionals and support the companies that depend on them.

We accomplish this mission by curating targeted professional development communities where cannabis professionals and upskill through training created by the top companies and professionals in the industry today.  Then we verify those new skillsets through industry-recognized skills assessments that let employers, customers, and investors better understand your level of competency within the cannabis industry.

At our core, we believe that universal access to baseline knowledge of cannabis is fundamental to the equitable growth of our industry.  In line with that belief, we offer our Principles of Cannabis bundle of courses to all platform members free of charge for life.  These courses include:

  • Introduction to Cannabis: A foundational course for all cannabis enthusiasts and professionals that covers the history of cannabis, legalization, and equity today, plant seed-to-sale cycle, cannabinoids, terpenes, and virtually all the product forms.
  • Cannabis Retail Basics: Created in collaboration with industry veterans, this course gives individuals cannabis-specific best practices for operating a dispensary.
  • Cultivation and Facilities 101: Created by our friends at GroAdvisor, this course will equip professionals with all the skill sets to understand and execute a best-in-class cannabis cultivation facility, whether big or small.

At the onset, we hope that our platform addresses three core gaps in the current market that all contribute to normalized professional development:

  • Sharing Communal Knowledge: Since the beginning of cannabis, users have learned about the plant, its products, consumption methods, and wellness benefits from sharing knowledge peer-to-peer. Virtually everything we know about this space was learned in informal settings. As the industry scales and “professionalizes,” we want to embrace existing networks and share best practices for equity in cannabis.
  • Recognizing Legacy Skillsets: With the onset of certificate programs and cannabis college degrees, how do we recognize and support individuals with legacy skillsets? Whether you’re a cultivator, extractor, street-level dealer, or anything in between, your experience should be valued, and you should be welcomed into the regulated space. Seed Talent will offer various ways, over the coming months, to verify and promote your skill sets without the need for costly certificates or educational programs.
  • Improving Corporate Culture through Professional Development: In an industry taking off like a rocket ship, cannabis professionals often wonder why they do not feel like they are sharing in the success. Professional development is as vital as ever in the cannabis space because it offers opportunities to close wage gaps for women and people of color. As new entrants come into limited license states, we can help companies understand that the people who will differentiate your business are those who are passionate, capable, and tied to a common north star — not big-money consultants.

We want to thank you for learning a bit more about Seed Talent and invite you to join our community and start professionalizing and advancing your cannabis career today!

Learning Management

Our LMS is like no other out there. Rather than courses and training, we build communities that allow the organic representation of brand equity through the industry.

Professionals can select from a catalog of industry-related career topics, general knowledge, and other materials that will allow you to gain valuable and practical knowledge for career advancement.

Skills Assessment

Resumes only go so far and in the cannabis industry, it is very difficult to provide verifiable work history or demonstrate comprehensive skills that are required for specific jobs. The Seed Talent Skills Assessments are objectively created standardized tests by industry experts and peer-reviewed by major cannabis employers.

The hiring process can be exhausting and inefficient for both the employer and prospective professionals as the manual process of evaluating talent in an industry with no real documented past slows things down to a crawl.

Our skills assessments allow you to skip to the head of the line and fast-track the evaluation process if you are a career professional seeking advancement and allow quick and accurate evaluation of prospective professionals if you are an employer. For other businesses and brands, it is an easy and inexpensive way to create certifications that professionals can bring to employers in the advancement process and evangelize for your brand.

Human Resources Management

Career development depends on a number of things. As an employer, a seamless onboarding, enrollment, and administration process of your employment responsibilities can be very daunting and employment infractions have significant employer liabilities if they are not avoided. At the same time, a seamless, positive experience in the area of employment practices raises employee productivity and makes employees take ownership in your organization.

Like many current day processes Human Resource Management (HRM) has tremendous opportunity to benefit from technology. Mainstream and traditional HRM, Payroll, and other providers are working off of old technology and mainstream businesses are far too embedded in those providers and their systems to leverage the available technology. Cannabis businesses can gain have the opportunity to implement from the beginning and

Through our technology platform and multiple partnerships, Seed is shaping the way Human Resources is managed in the cannabis industry. 

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We’re ready to partner with you to grow your career in cannabis, develop your existing staff, or manage your dispensary’s Human Resources seamlessly!