Cannabis Products & Services

If you provide products and services to the cannabis industry you need to engage in training, education and professional development around the use of your products and services to build your business. You are an essential element of of the professional development roadmap for both employers and professionals. 

Understanding the need for and implementation of everything from software and equipment to banking, the cannabis industry is unique in almost every category. The crop itself is the highest value farmed substance on the planet. The agronomy of the plant is widely unresearched and the innovation that will emerge from advancements in research, technology, and knowledge will be enormous over the next decade. Inventory tracking, point of sale systems, safety and security, regulatory and other requirements, packaging, and many, many other aspects of the industry will require knowledge, expertise, and execution.

Enabling professionals with the required knowledge and the ability to demonstrate their understanding and skills will be essential in the building of careers and the infrastructure needed to support them. Distributing your content to these stakeholders and building cannabis communities of your own will allow a responsible and organic buildup of knowledge for both you and the professionals you need to engage to buy, sell and use what you have to offer.

Learning Management

Providing direct training and development opportunities to end-users and prospective users is the most effective way to ensure customer success and improve retention.  Directly engage with an industry-leading network of cannabis professionals through the Seed Talent Learning Management platform.

Skills Assessment

Improve engagement with your branded training by offering certification for cannabis professionals through our Skills Assessment offering.  By certifying professionals with your service offering, you can convert them to a lifelong advocate throughout their career.

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