Cannabis Employers

Professional development, compliance and certifications are a bedrock of the cannabis differentation. There are no establised college and university programs but many new to the scene. There are many online training courses but nobody curates them or measures there effectiveness as related to job performance. Our platform provides that attribution in one place that allows you to motivate, evaluate and develop your team.

The hiring process is difficult enough without a complete lack of skill training and assessment. Advancing professionals through your organization based on continued accomplishments and acquiring and demonstrating the skills required to move to the next level is impossible.

The Seed Talent Cannabis Professional Development Platform allows employers to not only evaluate new talent but promote and engage existing professionals with content and assessment tools in a safe environment so that you can work with your teams and assist in their advancement within your organization.

Our Platform will also  allow you to distribute content and internal training to your stakeholders and have a secure record of required educational materials. These can include onboarding documents, employee reviews, and product training, among many others. 

Learning Management

With our Learning Management platform, your employees can select from a broad catalog of industry and brand-specific topics granting them unparalleled access to knowledge that will help them better serve your customers and grow within your organization.

Skills Assessment

Our Skill Assessments are created by industry experts and evaluated by major cannabis companies across the country to ensure that  your employees are consistently measured against the latest industry standards and developments, giving them a clear path to career progression and allowing your organization to target highly skilled applicants with verifiable knowledge.

Human Resources Management

As an employer, it is critical to both your organization and your employees’ success that the onboarding, enrollment, and ongoing administration of Human Resources be as seamless as possible.  It’s been shown that a positive experience throughout onboarding improves productivity in the long term and that ongoing support from Human Resources causes employees to take ownership in your organization.  Seed Talent offers comprehensive HR Solutions geared specifically to the cannabis industry to help you meet these challenges and develop an environment of success!

Would you like to learn more?

Seed Talent offers a full suite of services to benefit any cannabis employer, or can offer individual services a la carte.  Schedule a demo today to learn how Seed Talent can help your organization grow!