Cannabis Brands

Engage the Trade & Drive Results

It’s no secret that growing a cannabis brand regardless of the market is a challenge. Part of that challenge is ensuring that your products are sold at the full value of their offering, NOT the highest THC to the lowest dollar. Budtenders are the ultimate influencer of consumer purchases and cannabis brands have a responsibility to ensure their value message is widely understood throughout the market. High turnover, shifting product mix, and explosive growth can be expensive and never-ending.  Seed Talent works with the largest brands in the industry to develop engaging content on your products and deliver that message directly where Budtenders are already training! 

Seed’s Product/Partner training offers companies:

  • Scalable tools to communicate with the trade ( Over 1,200 Dispensaries)
  • Engagement data on your distribution partners to measure results and direct focus
  • Options for rewarding partners with SWAG, Samples, Raffles, and more!

Connect with Consumers Directly

While the Budtender’s influence can’t be questioned, messaging to consumers before they enter the dispensary can be equally as effective in driving sales! In addition to our B2 B-focused offerings, Seed Talent offers a selection of B2C services to help you educate your brand community. For the first time, brands can deliver consumer-facing content, drive consumers to purchase, and measure the results of those efforts with the ability to tie in rewards and discounts!

Trade Communication and Education

Enjoy measurable sales impacts on both dispensaries and channel partners by educating budtenders and resellers on your products. Reach an unmatched network of valuable users with experiential courses that build brand awareness and ensure consistent product messaging at a fraction of the cost of traditional means.

Consumer-Facing Training

Quality cannabis marketing is rooted in education. Leverage our scalable platform to connect directly with your consumers to ensure they truly understand your products. Our closed-loop tool educates and drives consumers to shop with h in-app rewards that (when redeemed) provide measurable R.O.I on consumer-facing efforts!

Develop Trade Connections

We specialize in helping brands form strong relationships with budtenders and cannabis consumers. Discover how Seed Talent can boost your presence in the marketplace like never before!