Cannabis Brands

As a cannabis brand, you are an important stakeholder in the professional development and career advancement journey for each professional seeking an opportunity to grow in this space. Knowledge, understanding, and support of your brand is a requirement for professionals who interact with your customers as they are your representation in the marketplace.

By creating a community on our platform and distributing your content to our users, you are giving them the opportunity to get to know you and evangelize on your behalf. You can create certifications and reward professionals and brand ambassadors for taking the time to engage with you and gain valuable insights into how your brand objectively interacts with the community.

You compete with hundreds, if not thousands of cannabis brands. The ability to engage your extended workforce and the end user customers they influence is critical to competing in this land grab for brand recognition. Our platform let’s you create a community and get feedback on how well they understand your message, embrace it and ultimately evangelize it. Create your own influencers and reward them for driving your brand recognition or hire them as you expand your business right from within the communities you create.

Learning Management

Educating budtenders and consumers on your products can have an immediate and measurable impact on your sales to both dispensaries and end consumers.  By partnering with Seed Talent to develop customized training, you can reach an unmatched network of users to educate and market to.

Skills Assessment

Easily verify that budtenders are engaging with your courses as well as gaining direct knowledge on your various product offerings.  Through ongoing skill assessments, you can easily track the impact of your education efforts in market.

Let's Connect!

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